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Học tiếng Anh: Cô bé 11 tuổi gây chú ý khi lập luận ủng hộ Trump

Nghe phần trả lời của bé Milia và điền từ còn thiếu vào chỗ trống.

– Milia, how old are you?

– 11. 

– 11, and where are you from?

– Northern Virginia. 

– Northern Virginia, so you are jack out, you look fabulous. Why do you support Mr. Trump?

– So one day I was at …(1)…watching the TV this is before the election sort of again. And then there was this guy he talked about all the …(2)…we are facing and all the problems, ok that’s normal every politician does that . Then something extraordinary happened. He said how to …(3)…and you know, that is amazing. No politicians ever said how to fix it, maybe some do, but you know, they don’t really mean it. You know they all talk and no action. And I could …(4)…, by the way, Donald Trump meant that, he was gonna do some at it. But how? Then he said those words that I would never ever in my life …(5)…, “I, Donald J. Trump, am running for …(6)…”. And he talked about all the issues and one of the other reasons I like him because… this is my …(7)…reason: “We will build a …(8)…, on our Southern border and Mexico, no but about it, Mexico will pay for the …(8)… Mexico , not you, not us, Mexico, one way or another day are paying for our …(8)…, they will”. 

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Từ mới: 

jack out: khoe cái gì đó ra ngoài (ví dụ hình Donald Trump)

fabulous: tuyệt đẹp

guy: người đàn ông

politician: chính trị gia

extraordinary: phi thường

they don’t really mean it: họ không thực sự nghĩ những gì họ nói

no but about it: không “nhưng” gì hết

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