Bài tập ôn thi học kì 1 môn tiếng Anh lớp 9

Bài tập ôn thi học kì 1 môn tiếng Anh lớp 9

Bài tập ôn thi học kì 1 môn tiếng Anh lớp 9 bao gồm đầy đủ các dạng bài tập trọng tâm có trong chương trình Anh 9 học kì 1.

Bạn đang đọc: Bài tập ôn thi học kì 1 môn tiếng Anh lớp 9

Các dạng bài tập tiếng Anh 9 học kì 1 mà Download.vn giới thiệu giúp các em học sinh chuẩn bị tốt nhất cho kỳ thi quan trọng này. Các dạng bài tập tiếng Anh 9 học kì 1 với nhiều mức độ khó và nâng cao dần giúp những em rèn luyện tư duy, hệ thống kiến thức bao quát những dạng bài tập thường gặp. Ngoài ra các bạn tham khảo thêm rất nhiều tài liệu khác như: Bài tập về câu hỏi đuôi trong tiếng Anh, Bài tập về mệnh đề trong tiếng Anh.

Bài tập ôn thi học kì 1 môn tiếng Anh lớp 9

I. Underlined words:


A. devoted
B. suggested
C. provided
D. wished


A. missed
B. wanted
C. stopped
D. washed


A. passed
B. watched
C. played
D. washed


A. claimed
B. warned
C. occurred
D. existed


A. looked
B. missed
C. watched
D. wanted


A. concerned
B. received
C. attracted
D. concealed


A. raised
B. picked
C. laughed
D. watched


A. books
B. clubs
C. hats
D. stamps


A. pens
B. books
C. laughs
D. brackets


A. trip
B. river
C. life
D. city


A. that
B. their
C. the
D. thank


A. idea
B. going
C. will
D. trip


A. health
B. appear
C. ready
D. heavy


A. great
B. meat
C. seat
D. repeat


A. entrance
B. paddy
C. bamboo
D. banyan


A. dislike
B. design
C. music
D. light


A. know
B. so
C. go
D. now


A. where
B. who
C. what
D. why


A. the
B. there
C. think
D. this


A. chemistry
B. kitchen
C. watch
D. catch



A. city
B. poem
C. advice
D. children


A. uniform
B. assistant
C. collection
D. professor


A. person
B. enough
C. picture
D. people


A. famous
B. father
C. lucky
D. agree


A. cancel
B. agree
C. deny
D. decide


A. dentist
B. father
C. often
D. repeat


A. thankful
B. decide
C. picture
D. lovely


1. she is__________in her job. (SUCCESS)

2. Have you got any_______________about the exam? (INFORM)

3. Do you know the_______________of English? (IMPORTANT)

4. He suggested______________to the cinema. (GO)

5. The Internet is a wonderful ______________of modern life. (INVENT)

6. He watched an_______________match on TV. (EXCITE)

7. ______________, Vietnamese women usually wear aodai. (TRADITION)

8. She looks so___________(BEAUTY)

9. The price of _____________has gone up. (ELECTRIC)

10. The boss is ____________ He never helps any one. (KIND)

11. Lam Truong is my___________singer. (FAVOR)

12. She is a good singer. She sings very____________(BEAUTYFUL)

13. Ha Noi is _______________from Kualar Lumpur. (DIFFERENCE)

14. Maryan was______________by the beauty of Hanoi. (IMPRESS)


1. Hello. You must be Maryam-__________________

a. That’s all right. Thank
b. That’s OK. I must be
c. That’s right. I am
d. Oh, yes, very much

2. I have an idea. Let’s go for a swim on unday afternoon.-_________

a. OK. What time
b. You’re riding
c. I know
d. I’m sure

3. The party will be finish_____________9p.m and 9.30 p.m.

a. among
b. at
c. between
d. from

4. We ___________this computer for over ten years

a. have used
b. were using
c. used
d. are using

5. Traditionally, the ao dai_______________by both men and women

a. frequently wore
b. was frequently worn
c. was frequently wearing
d. hasfrequently worn

6. Your sister works in a foreign company,__________she?

a. isn’t
b. didn’t
c. wasn’t
d. doesn’t

7. My mother used to _______________us a story.

a. tells
b. told
c. telling
d. tell

8. This bicycle____________ten years ago.

a. makes
b. made
c. is made
d. was made

9. Your uncle has been back to the countrside,___________he?

a. doesn’t
b. didn’t
c. has
d. hasn’t

10. All of the teachers wish their student_______________the next exam.

a. passed
b. will pass
c. pass
d. would pass

11. Was your English teacher born ___________1976?

a. on
b. in
c. at
d. since

12. My house ___________ in 1986.

a. is built
b. was buiding
c. was built
d. has been built

13. His house is large and beautiful. It’s ______________house

a. a seven – room
b. a seven – rooms
c. seven room
d. seven rooms

14. It’s very hot today. I wish I ___________on the beach noe

a. am b. was c. were d. had been

15. When I lived in the city, he ___________to the theater twice a week.

a. uses to go
b. has gone
c. used to go
d. was going

16. My father asked me _____________too much time playing games

a. not to spending
b. did not spend
c. not spend
d. to not spent

17. We have learnt English_____________2001

a. for
b. since
c, in
d. during

18. I can’t understand the French visitors. I wish I__________French

a. knew
b. will know
c. know
d. had known

19. My sister always_____________up at 5 a.m

a. get
b. to get
c. gets
d. getting

20. My sister is fond ___________eating candy.

a. at b. about c. of d. with

21. My father ____________for the car factory since 1995.

a. worked
b. was working
c. has worked
d. is working

22. I enjoy___________good meals.

a. cooked
b. be cook
c. cook
d. cooking

23. He ___________to Ha noi ten days ago.

a. has gone
b. went
c. was going
d. goes

24. She asked him where he _______________from

a. is
b. were
c. was
d. has been

25. It is impossible for me ___________in all this noise.

a. work b. to work c. working d. worked

26. Lan and her family had a _______________to the countryside.

a. two – days trip
b. day – two trip
c. two- day trip
d. day trip


1. His brother invited all the students in my class to his party.

→ all the students in my class .___________________________________

2. How long have you worked as a designer?

→ When did you____________________________________________?

3. My parents will sell the house in the country.

→ the house in the country______________________________________

4. I’m sorry. David can’t be in Hue for the festival.

I wish ____________________________________________________

5. “I’m working in a restaurant: she said

→ She said that______________________________________________

6. My sister will continue studying English.

→ My sister will go _________________________________________

7. They haven’t decided the exact time of the match yet.

→ the exact time _________________________________________

8. He is sorry. He can’t speak English well.

→ he wishes______________________________________________

9. Mary liked to walk in the rain.

→ Mary enjoyed______________________________________________

10. “How much do you think it will cost?” he said to me

→ He asked me ______________________________________________

11. They have just sold that house.

→ That house____________________________________________

12. They will build a new mall here.

→ The new mall_______________________________________________

13. “I will repaint my house for Tet” my uncle said to me

→ My uncle told me___________________________________________

14. We started cooking for the party two hours ago.

→ We have___________________________________________________

15. It’s wonderful to spend the weekend in the countryside

→ Spending______________________________________________________

16. Let’s meet this afternoon and practice our English

→ Why________________________________________________________

17. Dick continued to work allthough he was too tired

→ Dick went____________________________________________________

18. “Don’t make noise, peter” said Carol

→ Carol told Peter _____________________________________________

19. Keep the environment clean is ver important.

→ It’s______________________________________________________

20. Why don’t you plant some trees around your house?

→ How about_________________________________________________

21. Learning English is very necessary.

→ It’s_____________________________________________

22. “What is your name?”. Mr. Brown asked me

→ Mr. Brown asked me_________________________________________

23. Justin said “I’ll do it tomorrow, Mom”

→Justin said to_______________________________________________

24. He often went swimming when he was a boy.

→ He used___________________________________________________

25. “Are you writing to your pen oal now?”

→ He asked me_________________________________________________


1. Many people/ be/ interested/ read/ science book.


2. My mother/ be/ used/ getting up/ early/ morning.


3.We/ not/ meet/ each other/ since/ you/ leave/ town.


4. You/ like/ take part/ party/ next Sunday?


5.The students/ study/ for exam/ now.


6. What about/ come/ the end/ next month?


7. You/ mind/ if/ I/ borrow/ car?


8. It/ be/ necessary/ you/ practice English/ everyday.


9. He/ wish/ he/ have/ new/ computer.

10.We/ uesd/ wear/ uniform/ when/ we/ be/ school.


Dear Liz,

1. It/ be/ long time/ since/ I/last/ hear/ you.

2. You/ like/ come/ stay/ me/ cottage/ countryside?

3. What about/ come/ end/ next month?

4. I/ look/ forward/ see/ you.



Dear Liz,


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